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We offer a wide variety of insurance options. We can even custom-tailor coverage that's designed for you. Talk to one of our experts for a complete consultation. We offer home, auto, business and life insurance policies.

Apart from providing personal insurance, our business programs offer a budget-friendly way to safeguard your business. We cater to the specific needs of various industries and have customized programs that provide unique coverage options for each industry.

Our company recognizes that each business has its own unique requirements, and we are capable of tailoring a program to meet those specific needs. If you're interested in learning more about our insurance options or obtaining a quote, don't hesitate to reach out to us today!

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NW Florida & South Georgia

"We've lived and worked in the Northwest Coastal bend of Florida and south Georgia for years. Understanding this area allows us to tailor our insurance products to your specific needs and to offer the best possible advice. We provide valuable insight and advice to ensure you get the insurance policy that's right for your family or your business."

– Kim Futch: Owner/Insurance Agent

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We Work For You!

"We're dedicated independent insurance agents. You'll have great customer service to go along with your customized policy. For further convenience, most of the insurance companies we represent offer 24-hour online payment, claims reporting, policy access, and policy adjustment capabilities."

– Jason McConnell: Owner/Insurance Agent

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We do the hard work so you don't have to!

We can help you find the best value on personal or business insurance. Contact us today and let us get to work for you!

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